Analysis Of the Process Of Carbon Capture Utilization And Storage In Underground Reservoirs


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en John Nyame
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en Vesna Karović-Maričić
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en Vesna Karović-Maričić, Branko Leković, Dušan Danilović
en The importance of mitigating the effects of global climate change has necessitated an in-depth exploration of innovative strategies to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
Among these strategies, Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) has emerged as a promising and transformative solution. This master thesis delves into the diverse realm of CCUS processes, aiming to unravel the positives challenges, and opportunities within this dynamic field.
The analysis begins with a systematic examination of carbon capture technologies, encompassing post-combustion, pre-combustion, and oxy-fuel combustion methods. Each approach is dissected to elucidate its advantages, limitations, and technological advancements, providing a comprehensive view of the evolving landscape of CO2 capture.
Moving forward, the presented study delves into the innovative realm of carbon utilization. By examining the potential applications of captured CO2 in sectors such as enhanced oil recovery, carbon-based product manufacturing, and renewable fuels, the analysis underscores the pivotal role of carbon utilization in transforming CO2 from a liability into an essential resource.
The final section of the master thesis explores the complex domain of carbon storage and transport. The assessment of geological, oceanic, and terrestrial storage methods underscores the importance of site selection, safety protocols, and monitoring systems in ensuring the long-term viability of stored CO2. Throughout the analysis, the interplay of economic, environmental, and policy factors is considered, highlighting the need for a balanced approach to promote the widespread adoption of CCUS technologies. By examining the challenges and opportunities within the CCUS horizon, this analysis seeks to provide a holistic perspective on the processes that hold the key to a sustainable, low-carbon future.
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en Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
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John Nyame. Analysis Of the Process Of Carbon Capture Utilization And Storage In Underground Reservoirs, 2024

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