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assessment of the aquifer potential at the well site forproviding the needed amount of groundwater.Key words: water supply, radial collector well, groundwater level regime.Апстракт. Приликом анализирања режима рада бунара са х

simulation and analysis of groundwater regimeas impacted by radial collector wells (a case study ofBelgrade’s water supply source). Tehnika, 70 (5),777–786 (In Serbian, English Summary).BOŽOVIĆ, Dj., POLOMČIĆ, D. & BAJIĆ, D. 2016a

2016b. Updated“Budapest method” for revitalizing radial collectorwells and applicability to Belgrade’s water supply source. Tehnika, In press (In in Serbian, English summary). BOŽOVIĆ, DJ., POLOMČIĆ, D. & BAJIĆ, D. 2016c

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(alluvial aquifers, water supply wells, mineral incrustations, bacteria, central Serbia)
ial environments are collectors of groundwater,which is often used for the public water supply. In Serbia, around 70% of the water supply comes fromgroundwater of which over 50 % comes from alluvialaquifers (DIMKIĆ et al

wellClogging of water supply wells in alluvial aquifersby mineral incrustations, central SerbiaBRANKICA MAJKIĆ-DURSUN1, PREDRAG VULIĆ2 & MILAN DIMKIĆ3Abstract. The formation of incrustations on public water supply well screens

chemistry monitoring hadbeen undertaken at these water supply sources and theresults of microbiological analyses revealed incrustations on well screens. The Water Supply Source Trnovče (Fig 1.) was chosen as an example of

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well are presented in the paper. The considered well, RB-16, is part of a groundwater source that provides water supply toBelgrade (Serbia). The source relies on the alluvial aquifer of the Sava River. The groundwater is mildly

screen incrustation, new approach, definition of well elements, numerical modeling of groundwater, public water supply, Serbia.Апстракт. У раду су приказани резултати студије струјања подземних вода од реке ка бунару са хо

paperОригинални научни радIntroductionUrban agglomerations generally rely on the nearestwater resource for their water supply. If the agglomeration is situated next to a river, it is natural to usegroundwater from the alluvial aquifer