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assessment of the aquifer potential at the well site forproviding the needed amount of groundwater.Key words: water supply, radial collector well, groundwater level regime.Апстракт. Приликом анализирања режима рада бунара са х

simulation and analysis of groundwater regimeas impacted by radial collector wells (a case study ofBelgrade’s water supply source). Tehnika, 70 (5),777–786 (In Serbian, English Summary).BOŽOVIĆ, Dj., POLOMČIĆ, D. & BAJIĆ, D. 2016a

2016b. Updated“Budapest method” for revitalizing radial collectorwells and applicability to Belgrade’s water supply source. Tehnika, In press (In in Serbian, English summary). BOŽOVIĆ, DJ., POLOMČIĆ, D. & BAJIĆ, D. 2016c