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(stratigraphy, Sarmatian, Plio-Pleistocene, Quaternary, Vinča archaeological site)
water compacted sands that were previously incorrectly shown on geological maps as alluvial fans. Key words: Stratigraphy, Sarmatian, Plio-Pleistocene, Quaternary, Vinča archaeological site.Абстракт. Винча, светски познати археолошки

STEVANOVIĆ, P. 1977. Miocene of Belgrade surroundings.In: STEVANOVIĆ P. (ed.), Geology of Serbia - vol. II-3,Stratigraphy, 107–145. Faculty of Mining and Geology,Belgrade (in Serbian).STEVANOVIĆ, P. 1980. Review of the neotectonics

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D., STEJIĆ, P., JOVANOVIĆ, M. &BOGIĆEVIĆ, K. 2015. The stratigraphy of the SerbianCorbicula beds. Quaternary International, 357: 4–21.GHENEA, C. 1970. Stratigraphy of Upper Pliocene–LowerPleistocene interval in the Dacin

characteristics, particulary by the presence of bivalve genera Corbicula and Dreissena.Key words: Quaternary, stratigraphy, boreholes, left bank of the Sava River.Апстракт: Квартарне наслаге обале Саве код Београда имају знатну

Quaternary deposits on theSava banks reported in this paper improves our understanding of the Quaternary stratigraphy and paleogeography in Central and Southeastern Europe. Stratigraphic characteristics of depositsAccording

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only as clasts and blocks in the ophiolitic mélange.Key words: Neo-Tethys continental slope, Late Triassic, stratigraphy, microfacies, ophiolitic mélange.Апстракт. Старост, микрофације и област депозиције Формације Гривскa су

in Serbo-Croatian, English summary]. In: DENKOVSKI, Dj. (Ed.). XII Congress of Geologists of Yugoslavia, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Paleontology, 1: 33–42, Ohrid.BRAGIN, N., BRAGINA, Li., GERZINA SPAJIĆ, N. & DJERIĆ, N.2017

S. & SUDAR, M. 2010. Triassic metasediments in the Internal Dinarides (Kopaonik area, southern Serbia): stratigraphy, paleogeography and tectonicsignificance. Geologica Carpathica, 61: 89–109.SCHLAGINTWEIT, F., GAWLICK, H

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(Upper Miocene, Lake Pannon, cement marls, lithology, stratigraphy, paleomagnetism, Beočin, Fruška Gora)
(1976), STEVANOVIĆ &PAPP (1985) wrote important contributions to the studyof the stratigraphy of Fruška Gora. More recently, geology, stratigraphy, marl resource and quality of theFilijala property, and the chronostratigraphy

summary)PILLER, W.E., HARZHAUSER, M. & MANDIC, O. 2007.Miocene Central Paratethys stratigraphy – current statusand future directions. Stratigraphy 4 (2/3): 71–88.RUNDIĆ, LJ. 1998. The carapace of fossil ostracods: paleoenvironmental

which originates from neoformed magnetite.Key words: Upper Miocene, Lake Pannon, cement marls, lithology, stratigraphy, paleomagnetism,Beočin, Fruška Gora.Апстракт: У раду су приказане главне литолошке, структурне, палеонтолошке

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(ostracodes, latest Permian (Changhsingian), taxonomy, stratigraphy, Vardar Zone, Jadar Block, NW Serbia)
the central part of the Balkan Peninsula.Key words: ostracodes, latest Permian (Changhsingian), taxonomy, stratigraphy, Vardar Zone, JadarBlock, NW Serbia.Апстракт. У раду су приказани остракоди чангсjингског ката најгорњег

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(brahiopods, Cyclothyris ? globata, Terebratula sp. (gen. et sp. nov.), foraminifera, stratigraphy, Lowermost Campanian, Guča, Vardar Zone, western Serbia)
boundary.Key words: brachiopods, Cyclothyris? globata, “Terebratula” sp. (gen. et sp. nov.), foraminifera, stratigraphy, Lowermost Campanian, Guča, Vardar Zone, western Serbia. Апстракт. Асиметрични ринхонелид Cyclothyris? globata

lesBains (France) and Correlation with Europe and otherContinents, 213-436. Developments in Palaeontologyand stratigraphy, 19, Elsevier, Amsterdam–London––New York–Oxford–Paris–Shannon–Tokyo. GUŠIĆ, I. & JELASKA, V. 1990. Upper

znanosti i umjetnosti, Razred zaprirodne znanosti, 69: 1–160 (in Crotian, English summary).JOLKIČEV, N. 1989. Stratigraphy of the epicontinental typeUpper Cretaceous. 184 pp. Kliment Ohridski UniversityPress, Sofia.MOTCHUROVA-DEKOVA