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only as clasts and blocks in the ophiolitic mélange.Key words: Neo-Tethys continental slope, Late Triassic, stratigraphy, microfacies, ophiolitic mélange.Апстракт. Старост, микрофације и област депозиције Формације Гривскa су

in Serbo-Croatian, English summary]. In: DENKOVSKI, Dj. (Ed.). XII Congress of Geologists of Yugoslavia, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Paleontology, 1: 33–42, Ohrid.BRAGIN, N., BRAGINA, Li., GERZINA SPAJIĆ, N. & DJERIĆ, N.2017

S. & SUDAR, M. 2010. Triassic metasediments in the Internal Dinarides (Kopaonik area, southern Serbia): stratigraphy, paleogeography and tectonicsignificance. Geologica Carpathica, 61: 89–109.SCHLAGINTWEIT, F., GAWLICK, H