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(miocene, Badenian, whale, Paratethys, Bosnia)
and Parathethyc Seaways (Oligocene to Miocene). Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien,99A: 279–310.SABOL, M. & HOLEC, P. 2002. Temporal and spatial distribution of Miocene mammals in the western Carpathians(Slovakia)

theworld, their morphology and evolution is not wellknown (FORDYCE & DE MUIZION 2001). In Europe, thePliocene and Miocene species of whales seem to havebeen the most abundant and they were also present inCentral Europe in the region

marine fauna which was once present in theParatethys. Cetacea became extinct during the finalstages of the Miocene, when the Paratethys became afresh water lacustrine environment. The presence offossil whales is thus and indicator