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(marine biodiversity, radiation, evolution, Phanerosoic)
coinciSplash-like marine biodiversity additions after the Cambrian 3Fig. 2. Alternative curves of the marine biodiversity changes through the Phanerozoic and the relevant interpretationsof the marine biodiversity additions. See

1995; DROSER et al. 1996;Splash-like marine biodiversity additions after the CambrianDMITRY A. RUBAN1Abstract. Some Phanerozoic biotic radiations in the marine realm led to marine biodiversity additions, i.e.,increases in the

find coherent marine biodiversity additions withthe only exception of those occurred at the interval of the Great Ordovician Biodiversification. The attempted interpretations indicate that the marine biodiversity additions increased

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(marine biodiversity, shelf, biotic radiation, Late Ordovician, Early Devonian)
early Late Ordovician?:A brief noteDMITRY A. RUBAN1Abstract. After the so-called “Cambrian explosion”, marine biodiversity peaked either in the early LateOrdovician (as shown by the “classical” curves based on the extensive

and the other extrinsic and intrinsic factors should be considered in further discussions.Key words: marine biodiversity, shelf, biotic radiation, Late Ordovician, Early Devonian.Апстракт. После тзв. ”камбријумске експлозије“

m the “back” side, i.e., with evaluation of conditions that were or were not able to sustain higher marine biodiversity in the early Late Ordovician and thelate Early Devonian. In the present note, the palaeoenvironments