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(river bank filtration, Alluvium, Groundwater recharge, Groundwater quality, the Velika Morava River)
alluvial sediments have great potential for groundwater purification which is essential for preservingthe stability of the groundwater quality. Conducted research in the area of groundwater source Brzan in central Serbia showed

particularly regarding mentioned components. Based on numerousresults on surface and groundwater quality we can conclude that water from the groundwater source Brzan iswith good quality and can be used for drinking consumption with

filtration through river bad sediments and aquifer body.Key words: River bank filtration, Alluvium, Groundwater recharge, Groundwater quality, the VelikaMorava River.Апстракт. Алувијалнe издани се у свету најчешће користе за во

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(flotation tailings dump, alluvium, groundwater pollutuon, Serbia)
the alluvial plain of the Ibar River. Due to the excellent groundwater flow characteristics ofthe alluvial formations underlying the tailings dump, the groundwater and soil over an extended area werecontinually polluted. High

theRudnik Creek and the IbarRiver relative to the groundwater level.MethodsIn order to determine theimpact of the flotation tailingin Veliko Polje on the surrounding soil and groundwater,laboratory tests of the substrateenvironment

of Belgrade).Groundwater was sampledfrom privately dug wells, the levels of which areshown in Fig. 3. The samples were taken at the end ofautumn when the level of the Ibar River was lowerthan the groundwater level, shown