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(subgeothermal, groundwater, heat pump, energy efficiency, eastern Serbia)
cal heterogeneity and a variety in aquifer systems and groundwater distribution. Thus, the region ischaracterized by the presence of formations withsmall groundwater reserves but also Mesozoic carbonate rocks, Tertiary or

longtime to come. There is also good potential for groundwater utilization from alluvial sediments and Neogeneformations in Intra-Carpathian basins. Regarding thetotal groundwater resources available there are somecontradictions

ConclusionsAmong the main advantages of subgeothermalenergy extraction from groundwater (temperature30°C or less) are:• Easy tapping (once the groundwater resource isproperly explored and defined);• Renewable energy resource which

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(monitoring, groundwater, good status, EU Water Framework Directive, Serbia)
controlling groundwater quality. Currently only 20% of delineated groundwater bodies are under observation. This paper evaluates current conditions and proposes to expand national monitoring network to covermost of groundwater bodies

sediments, and groundwater isfrequently loaded with organic substances and ammonia, occasionally, also arsenic or boron. Although large groundwater consumer Serbia is notproperly organizes monitoring of groundwater qualityand

the Designation of Surface Water and Groundwater Bodies inorder to conserve or achieve good ecological, chemicaland quantitative status of groundwater resources. Abody of groundwater designated within a geologicalformation