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(water-bearing layer, groundwater sources, rheometric measurements, groundwater modeling, groundwater balance)
tapped water for the townare presented. Key words: water-bearing layer, groundwater source, rheometric measurements, groundwater modeling,groundwater balance.Апстракт. Постојеће извориште подземних вода за водоснабдевање

analysis of the groundwater regime according to the recorded groundwater table wasconducted in order to determine the value of the headto be set by this boundary condition for each waterbearing layer. Groundwater hydrographs

ring layer is tapped by only three wells. The groundwater table at the source was recorded for a period of 30 years. In the conducted hydrodynamic analysis of the groundwater regime, it was concluded that inthe mentioned

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(groundwater lowering, groundwater management scenario, fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, expert knowledge, triangular fuzzy numbers, linguistic variables)
alternativesand the best alternative was selected for groundwater control at the site of the pumping station “Bezdan 1”. Key words: groundwater lowering, groundwater management scenario, fuzzy analytic hierarchy process,expert

optimization in hydrodynamic analysis of groundwater controlsystems: Case study of the pumping station “Bezdan 1”, SerbiaDRAGOLJUB BAJIĆ1 & DUŠAN POLOMČIĆ2Abstract. A groundwater control system was designed to lower the water

is increasingly used inall fields of science, including hydrogeology - groundwater management, water quality management,dewatering and groundwater control, etc. (AZARNIVAND et al. 2004; SINGH et al. 2007; UDDAMERI et al

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atBelgrade Groundwater Source. As a result, well discharge capacities vary over a broad range and groundwater levels in the capture zones differ even when the rate of discharge is the same. Five characteristic groundwater level

The groundwater surface in the capture zone ofwell RB-23 is typical of a high hydraulic conductivity aquifer: the impact of groundwater extractionspreads far beyond the capture zone of the laterals andthe groundwater surface

Geologic framework andhydrogeologic featuresBelgrade Groundwater Source (BGWS) is locatedalong the Sava River, in Quaternary fluvial sediments.The boundary of the groundwater source (protectionzones) encompasses, for the most

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not considerably altered.The groundwater level at pieHydraulic characterization of laterals as applied to selected radial collector wells at Belgrade Groundwater Source 39Fig. 3. Groundwater levels in the zone of well RB-8m

require prior hydrodynamic analysis by simulating groundwater extraction conditions on anumerical model. The first step of the proposed approach is to assess the groundwater level regime formed inthe capture zone when the well

radial collector well, production causes the formation of a certain dynamic groundwater level in the zone of influence. The surface of the groundwater level in the capture zone is typically three-dimensional. Given thepresent