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(radioactivity, activity concentration, 40K groundwater, Serbia)
occurrence of carbonated groundwater (MARINKOVIĆ et al. 2012). This groundwater also exhibits naturally elevated radioactivity. ConclusionIn this paper the distribution of natural radioactivity of groundwater from the territory

water originates from these rocks (PROTIĆ 1995).Groundwater occurrences mark different regional geological-structural features and the largest number ofmineral groundwater is related to the granite intrusions and volcanic

samples that exhibited elevated betaactivity concentrations belonged to the Na-HCO3 typeof groundwater, suggesting that the groundwater tracedto an aquifer in granitoid rocks with elevated concentrations of dissolved solids

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(flotation tailings dump, alluvium, groundwater pollutuon, Serbia)
the alluvial plain of the Ibar River. Due to the excellent groundwater flow characteristics ofthe alluvial formations underlying the tailings dump, the groundwater and soil over an extended area werecontinually polluted. High

theRudnik Creek and the IbarRiver relative to the groundwater level.MethodsIn order to determine theimpact of the flotation tailingin Veliko Polje on the surrounding soil and groundwater,laboratory tests of the substrateenvironment

of Belgrade).Groundwater was sampledfrom privately dug wells, the levels of which areshown in Fig. 3. The samples were taken at the end ofautumn when the level of the Ibar River was lowerthan the groundwater level, shown

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(factor analysis, hydrogeochemical processes, groundwater, factor loadings, Serbia)
similarities between samples (i.e. groundwater occurrences).The goal of multivariate statistical methods is to identify the hydrogeochemical processes that govern theformation of groundwater composition. If the geological and

factor analysis in identification of dominant hydrogeochemical processes of groundwater 59Table 1. Elementary statistical quantities for the 40 groundwater samples.Table 2. Factor loadings and percentage of variance explained by

GHEBREMICHAEL, K., BUAMAH, R. & AMY, G. 2011. Fluoride occurrence in groundwater in the Northern region of Ghana, Proceedings ofIWA Specialist Groundwater Conference in Belgrade,267–275.STEVENS, J.P. 1992. Applied multivariate