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(magnesium, groundwater, distribution, Mg/Ca ratio, Serbia)
ground in which the groundwater isformed, as well as the type of groundwater and theTDS level, given that the concentration of this ion ishigher in high-TDS than in low-TDS groundwater,such that this groundwater is not of a pure

TODOROVIĆ88Fig. 5. Magnesium-to-calcium ratio of groundwater. Legend: I, Groundwater formedin limestones; II, Groundwater associated with dolomites and dolomitic limestones;III, Groundwater tracing to magnesium-rich silicate rocks

into two groups: (1) groundwater occurrences whose Mg concentrations are from 50 to 70 mg/LDistribution of magnesium in groundwater of Serbia 87Fig. 4. Distribution of magnesium in Serbia’s groundwater resources. Legend: 1