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(alluvial aquifers, water supply wells, mineral incrustations, bacteria, central Serbia)
were applied: IRB BART(for Iron-related bacteria), SRB BART (for Sulfate–reducing bacteria), HAB BART (for Heterotrophicaerobic bacteria) and SLIME BART (for Slime forming bacteria). Six wells were selected at Trnovčegroundwater

sulfur S8. Among carbonates,only siderite was detected. Iron oxidizing bacteria generally catalyze deposition processes in wells, while sulfatereducing bacteria (SRB) play a role in the biogenic formation of greigite. Determining

two species ofiron-related bacteria: Galionella ferruginea and Leptothrix sp. in samples (Figs. 5 and 6). In all the samples collected from wells in mixed oxic-anoxic environment, the bacteria were coated with a thick layer