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(Serbia, Western Vardar Zone, Dinarides, ophiolites, metamorphic sole, metabasic rocks, amphibole, PT conditions, correlation)
metamorphism aroundthe Ozren ultramafic massif, Serbia. In: KNEŽEVIĆ-DJORDJEVIĆ, V. & KRSTIĆ, B. (eds), Terranes of Serbia: Theformation of the geologic framework of Serbia and theadjacent regions. 253–258. Faculty of Mining

grateful to the “GABP”Editor in Chief VLADAN RADULOVIĆ (Serbia) for his editorial work. This work was supported by the Ministry ofEducation and Science of the Republic of Serbia, ProjectNo. 176019 and 176016.ReferencesAI, Y. 1994

from Bistrica, Southern Zlatibor,Serbia. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece,28(2): 93–103.POPEVIĆ, A., KARAMATA, S. & KORIKOVSKY, S.P. 1996b.The Ultramafic massif of Ozren, West Serbia – Study ofthe Emplacement Mechanism