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ns as opposed to distinct structural elevations(NIkoLIć, 1976; STEvaNovIć, 1977). Neogene sedimentsheterochronously cover the pre-Neogene bedrock,mimicking the configuration of the inherited paleo-relief. The alpine-type

oriented with the younger disjunctiveshaped basin structure of Neogene. It is understoodthat parts of the more pronounced ruptures were re-activated during the Neogene (ruNdIć et al., 2019).These facts influenced the authors of

geophysical dataGeol. an. Balk. poluos., 2020, 81 (2), 1–32 9Table 1. Excerpt data of the Neogene basis and the represented Neogene cover of the Belgrade area.nance of greenish and brown-red clays, gray-greengravelly sands