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(neogene, south-eastern Europe, lacustrine environments)
-Center for greate Lakes StudyUniversity of Wisconsin: 468 pp. Titograd.KNEŽEVIĆ, S. 1996. Neogene of Levač. Neogene of CentralSerbia. Neogene of Paratethys. In: N. KRSTIĆ (ed.),IGCP project 329, Special publication of Geoinstitute

was important as UNESCOstarted international cooperation through their IGCPprojects, including the Neogene and post-Neogene ofthe area through the following Projects: 25, 155, and329 (COLL. AUTHORS 1974–1997), as well as

DUMURDŽANOV, N. 1997. Lacustrine Neogene and Pleistocene in Macedonia. Proceedings Field Meetings IGCP329, Special publications Geoinstitute, 21: 31–36.DUMURDŽANOV, N. & KRSTIĆ, N. 1999. The Skopje Neogene basin in the Republic of