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(miocene, Badenian, whale, Paratethys, Bosnia)
Kalenderovci. A Middle MioceneNote on the first fossil remains of a whale from northern BosniaIVAN STEFANOVIĆ1Abstract. Herein, the first find of a fossil whale Cethotherium aff. rathkei is reported from the MiddleMiocene sediments

context, and the importance of the discovery in an international context is shown. Key words: Miocene, Badenian, whale, Paratethys, Bosnia.Апстракт. Први примерак фосилног кита Cethotherium aff. rathkei пронађен је у средњoмио

(Late Badenian) locality Glavica (SABOL &HOLEC 2002).STEPANOVIĆ (1938) described lower jaws of a toothless whale found in Belgrade (Serbia). These jawswere atributed to Cethotherium sp. without any intention to attribute