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(subgeothermal, groundwater, heat pump, energy efficiency, eastern Serbia)
10–30°CTable 3. Potential of subgeothermal water resources and heat power in vicinity of urban areas of Eastern Serbia.* = Flow of subgeothermal categories: 10–16 / 16–22 / 22–30°C.potential of subgeothermal energy in this region

thermalpower which can be generated from subgeothermal waters in the study area is around 33 MWt, which corresponds to some 16 % of the total heat requirements.Key words: subgeothermal source, groundwater, heat pump, energy

of the LowerProspects for wider energetic utilization of subgeothermal water resources: eastern Serbia case study 133Таble 1. Energetic potential of subgeothermal sources.Fig. 1. Location maps of eastern Serbia.Cretaceous