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as well as several Palaeolithic artefacts. The squamate reptile fauna containsthree lizard and six ophidian (snakes) taxa (Lacerta agilis, Lacertidae indet., Anguis fragilis, Zamenis cf.longissimus, Coronella austriaca, Coronella

consists of the forms mainly characteristic for cold and temperate semi-open regions.Key words: squamate reptiles, snakes, Coronella, Late Pleistocene, Serbia.Апстракт. Горњoплеистоценски слојеви (2-4) пећине Баранице код Књажевца

notpossible yet, but some preliminary results could bedrawn by comparison with recent fauna. A small number of snakes and lizards have beenfound in Layer 2 (Table 2) among them Vipera cf. berusand Lacerta agilis, which can tolerate