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(radioactivity, activity concentration, 40K groundwater, Serbia)
1996). Radioactivity is an important parameterof geophysical measurements in gamma prospecting,logging of natural gamma radioactivity (gamma logging) and spectral gamma logging.Prior to the discovery of radioactivity, it was

1989). Origin of radioactivity in natureThe main α emitting radionuclides in the naturaldecay series are 238U, 234U, 230Th, 226Ra, 210Po, 232Thand 228Th (TURHAN 2013). Positively charged partiNatural radioactivity of groundwater

that exhibited elevated radioactivity were of the HCO3-Na type and were geneticallyassociated with granitic rocks. Their TDS levels and CO2 gas concentrations were also elevated.Key words: radioactivity, activity concentration