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(marine biodiversity, radiation, evolution, Phanerosoic)
but a lot of research isrequired in order to understand their true nature.Key words: marine biodiversity, radiation, evolution, Phanerozoic.Апстракт. Поједине биотичке радијације које су се догодиле у морским областима током

biotic radiations, including those Paleozoic major radiations recognized in the marine realm by RUBAN (2010). Radiation (sensu lato) is an increase in the biodiversityfrom the minimum to the maximum. If the minimumwas below the

the previous unprecedented biodiversitylevel and the maximum was above it, the only part ofthe radiation corresponded to the marine biodiversityaddition (Fig. 1). And in those rare cases, when thebiodiversity reached unprecedented

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(marine biodiversity, shelf, biotic radiation, Late Ordovician, Early Devonian)
, and eustatic reconstructions demonstrates thatshelves, which likely provided the main space for biotic radiation, shrank, concentrated in the tropics, andwere better connected in the late Early Devonian than in the early

intrinsic factors should be considered in further discussions.Key words: marine biodiversity, shelf, biotic radiation, Late Ordovician, Early Devonian.Апстракт. После тзв. ”камбријумске експлозије“, морски биодиверзитет достиже

One may propose that either dispersal or isolation of marine organisms might havebeen a factor of their radiation (e.g., see RUBAN2010). This means that the global connectivity ofshelves or, in contrast, their separation