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levelregimes are formed in the zones of influence of thewells.It is clear that the discharge capacity of a radial collector well is a function of the number and conditionof active laterals, as well as the hydrologic features ofC

aquifer potential at the well site forproviding the needed amount of groundwater.Key words: water supply, radial collector well, groundwater level regime.Апстракт. Приликом анализирања режима рада бунара са хоризонталним дреновима

of the sediments (even in avery small space – within the capture zone of the laterals of a single radial collector well). This state ofaffairs is a result of a highly complex origin, based oncurrent knowledge, associated

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at different points in timeand to quantify the effectiveness of regeneration of laterals. Key words: radial collector well, groundwater level regime, skin zone, conductance coefficient.Апстракт: Циљ рада је сагледавање могућности

water–capturing parts of the well,the operating mode, and the like.Regardless of the current capacity of a radial collector well, production causes the formation of a certain dynamic groundwater level in the zone of influence. The

encrustations arelargely mechanical or biochemical in nature.An integrated functional analysis of the radial collector well and the water–bearing medium will constitute a basis for: – decision-making regarding the activities