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(Lower Triassic, Olenekian, conodonts, ostracodes, pyrite framboid, Jadar Block, North-western Serbia)
theirformation (WILKIN & BARNES 1996, 1997). Pyrite framboids have been found in Unit 4(subunit 4a, sample SRB-1) in the Krivi Potoksection. This is the first discovery of pyrite framboidsfrom the Lower Triassic of the Jadar

amount of pyrite framboids foundwithin octracode shells definitely formed in thesediments after the death of these ostracodes. Theirsize distribution (8–35 µm, Fig. 9) supports the formersuggestion that the large pyrite framboids

WILKIN, R.T. & BARNES, H.L. 1997. Formation processes offramboidal pyrite. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta,61 (2): 323–339. WIGNALL, P.B. & NEWTON, R. 1998. Pyrite framboid diameter as a measure of oxygen deficiency in ancientmudrocks