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situatedalong with the length of this segment of the Triassic Eurasian continentalmargin. Key words:Ladinian paleogeography,Drina-Ivanjica block,Serbo-Macedonian Unit,Variscan orogeny.Апстракт. У раду је тестирана тектонска хипотеза

into theNeotethys was rather smooth? The aim of this paper is to highlight the Variscanto early Alpine paleogeography of the two distinctsystems belonging to the Dinarides and the Serbo-Macedonian Unit. In particular, we

ANTIć et al., 2017). Impor-tantly, the emplacement of the magmatic bodies ofA few remarks on the Triassic paleogeography and geodynamic link between the Dinarides and the Serbo-Macedonian UnitGeol. an. Balk. poluos., 2020, 81

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microplate referred to as the Drina-Ivanjica block. The review aimed to reassess the peri- Neotethyan paleogeography affecting the evolution of the Neotethyan oceanic crust ('single’ v/5. 'multiple oceans’ or single- ra

by juxta- posing the key differences of the late Variscan temporal evolution (controlling early Alpine paleogeography) between the Jadar block and Drina-Ivanjica crystalline segment. The study goal is the questionable pa

yKa3yje Ha M0 ryhH0CT /ja OBaj 6 ;iok HaKey words:Jad ar terrane, Drina-Ivanjica block, Permian-Triassic paleogeography, Eocimmerian basement, Paleotethys, Neotethys.sociating the Jadar block with the post-Variscan European