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equals 2 mm.belong to one individual as shown in Fig. 2. Pachyostosis is well developed on all vertebrae and ribs andgradually increases anteroposteriorly. Since pachyostosis is the most prominent in the middle-trunk region(LEE

ecause of the conspicuous pachyostosis of neuralarches, their strongly concave posterior border andconsiderably low neural spine. Pachyrhachis andEupodophis do not show that strong pachyostosis(RAGE & ESCUILLIE, 2003; HOUSSAYE

precise identification was limited to a certain extent.Key words: Turonian, Bileća, hind-limbed snake, pachyostosis, Pachyophis.Апстракт. Фосилни налази морских змија из кредних седимената Босне и Херцеговине познати суод