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(ostracodes, latest Permian (Changhsingian), taxonomy, stratigraphy, Vardar Zone, Jadar Block, NW Serbia)
PANTIĆ-PRODANOVIĆ(1979) mentioned “Campilian” ostracodes in the vicinity of Valjevo, and KRSTIĆ (1980) reported the ostracode fauna of the same age from the Gučevo Mt.The ostracodes described and illustrated hereinwere found

with stylolites; 4b,laminated limestones; 5,conodonts; 6,foraminifers; 7,ostracodes; 8,wackestone; 9,packstone; 10,fault.foraminifers, algae, ostracodes, conodonts, holothurian sclerites, crinoids, echinoids, brachiopods, gastropods

gastropods, algae, foraminifers, etc.), and a poor LowerTriassic microfossil association (foraminifers, ostracodes) have been determined.During long-term geological investigations, particularly in NW Serbia, the Serbian

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(Lower Triassic, Olenekian, conodonts, ostracodes, pyrite framboid, Jadar Block, North-western Serbia)
published only fewpapers dealing with ostracodes: PANTIĆ-PRODANOVIĆ(1979), KRSTIĆ (1980) and CRASQUIN et al. (2010). Inpaper of PANTIĆ-PRODANOVIĆ (1979), only five species of ostracodes were cited (three in open nomenclature)

2011). Paracypris ? krivipotokensis FOREL n. the first record of Smithian ostracodes on the northMILAN N. SUDAR et al.10Fig. 6. Ostracodes from the Krivi Potok Section, Gučevo Mt., Jadar Block, NW Serbia; middle part

1980. The Lower Triassic ostracodes of Gučevo.Zapisnici Srpskog geološkog društva za 1979 godinu(Vanredni zbor 24. I 1980), 203–208 (in Serbo-Croatian,English summary).LETHIERS, F. 1981. Ostracodes du Dévonien terminal del’Ouest