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obtained for oceanic sediments associated with MORB-like and within-plate basaltsChert blocks in the ophiolitic mélange of Zlatibor Mt.(SW Serbia) – age and geodynamic implicationsNATAŠA GERZINA1 & NEVENKA DJERIĆ2Abstract

Kimmeridgian or younger age of obduction of the WestVardar ophiolites.Key words: Cherts, radiolarians, ophiolitic mélange, Jurassic, Internal Dinarides, SW Serbia.Апстракт. Рожнаци се често срећу у Унутрашњим Динаридима, изузетно

also Transhsuum maxwelli gr. (PESSAGNO), Transhsuum sp. aff. T. maxwelli, TranshsuumChert blocks in the ophiolitic mélange of Zlatibor Mt. (SW Serbia) – age and geodynamic implications 15Fig. 2. Simplified geologic map of the