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concentration of nitrates in thekarst spring Banja varied within the interval from 6mg/dm3 to 27 mg/dm3 during this period (KREŠIĆ etal., 1989; PAPIĆ et al., 1991). Therefore, the maximumconcentration of nitrates in the karst

short-term forecasts. Apart from the theoretical background, the paper presents a case study of the occurrence of nitrates at a karst spring called “Banja” near the city of Valjevo, Serbia. A ten-year (1991–2000) timeseries of the

autocorrelation, cross-correlation, autoregressive model, cross-regressive model, autocrossregressive model, nitrates, Banja Spring, Serbia.Апстракт. Подземне воде, иако представљају невидљиву компоненту хидролошког циклуса