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(neogene, south-eastern Europe, lacustrine environments)
-Center for greate Lakes StudyUniversity of Wisconsin: 468 pp. Titograd.KNEŽEVIĆ, S. 1996. Neogene of Levač. Neogene of CentralSerbia. Neogene of Paratethys. In: N. KRSTIĆ (ed.),IGCP project 329, Special publication of Geoinstitute

was important as UNESCOstarted international cooperation through their IGCPprojects, including the Neogene and post-Neogene ofthe area through the following Projects: 25, 155, and329 (COLL. AUTHORS 1974–1997), as well as

DUMURDŽANOV, N. 1997. Lacustrine Neogene and Pleistocene in Macedonia. Proceedings Field Meetings IGCP329, Special publications Geoinstitute, 21: 31–36.DUMURDŽANOV, N. & KRSTIĆ, N. 1999. The Skopje Neogene basin in the Republic of

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ns as opposed to distinct structural elevations(NIkoLIć, 1976; STEvaNovIć, 1977). Neogene sedimentsheterochronously cover the pre-Neogene bedrock,mimicking the configuration of the inherited paleo-relief. The alpine-type

oriented with the younger disjunctiveshaped basin structure of Neogene. It is understoodthat parts of the more pronounced ruptures were re-activated during the Neogene (ruNdIć et al., 2019).These facts influenced the authors of

geophysical dataGeol. an. Balk. poluos., 2020, 81 (2), 1–32 9Table 1. Excerpt data of the Neogene basis and the represented Neogene cover of the Belgrade area.nance of greenish and brown-red clays, gray-greengravelly sands

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(hiatus, stratigraphic correlation, eustatic fall, glaciation, Neogene, Ciscaucasian basin, Eastern Paratethys)
span of this hiatus exceeded 2 myr.We can thus distinguish two kinds of Neogene major hiatuses in the Ciscaucasian basin. The TarkhaniDo major Neogene hiatuses in the Ciscaucasian semi-enclosed basin record eustatic falls

througout the Neogene, which suggests a relatively “calm” tectonic regime and rather stable connectionsof the Eastern Paratethys and the World Ocean.Further studies should be aimed at a precise reconstruction of the Neogene trans

andEastern (Fig. 1). Due to their peripheral connectionwith the World Ocean and with the MediterraneanDo major Neogene hiatuses in the Ciscaucasian semi-enclosed basin(Eastern Paratethys, southwestern Russia) record eustatic falls