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1959) Perch-Nielsen, 1968). The age ofthese deposits cor- responds to the zone of calcareous nannoplankton zone NN5 (nannoplankton zonation of Martini, 1971 w as used). The zone is dated Middle Miocene based on the presence

knovvn as "Rakovica sands”. Here, the integrated evi- dence based on new fossil findings of calcareous nannoplankton, foraminifera and molluscs assemblages, allows the stratigraphic revision of the clastic facies of the Rakovica

Paratethys, and defines preciously the time of the marine transgression in this area.Middle Miocene (Badenian), nannoplankton, foraminifera, molluscs, Rakovica stream (Belgrade).1 Natural History Museum, Njegoševa 51,11 000 Belgrade