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autoregressive model and crossregressive model (entire study period).Fig. 14. Parallel plots of a simple autoregressive model and crossregressive model (dry year).Fig. 15. Parallel plots of a simple autoregressive model and cro

combined ARCR model should haveproduced the best results. However, because the simulation results of the AR model were good and thoseof the CR model much poorer (for the entire studyperiod), the ARCR model correlation co

ARCRmodel correlation coefficients were:– from 0.866 (model order 1) to 0.881 (model order7) for the entire study period,– from 0.762 (model order 1) to 0.804 (model order7) for the dry year, andVESNA RISTIĆ VAKANJAC, MARINA

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“belongs” to each well. Thecapacity of such a location is quantified using a socalled “local” hydrodynamic model, which encompasses a part of the river, part of the overbank, and neighboring wells. In addition to riverbed

radial collector wells is comprised of severalsteps. The first step is the development and calibration ofa model of the analyzed well and the respective part ofthe groundwater source (or aquifer system). ModelComparative

rming calibration, both boundary conditions(flows in wells, river water level, piezometric levelsalong the model boundaries in the coastal area) andthe adopted porous medium geometry have not beenaltered. Calibration confirmation

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(GIS, landslide susceptibility, raster model, AHP, photo geological map, Fruška Gora Mt., northern Serbia)
за коначни модел. Такође је сам коначни модел додатно испитан са становиштаинформативности (Information Gain) и класификован у складу са оптималном информативношћу.Коначни модел, који представља растерски модел и који је изведен

arising from an analytical hierarchy process (AHP) provided their weights ofpreference in the final model. In addition, the model was analysed for the information gain and classified inaccordance to the optimal informativeness

proportion. Here it will be considered, but will be given appropriately inferior weight in the final model. Generally,this model substitutes environmental phenomena suchas changes in the moisture content or changes in depthof