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20181 Applied Mineralogy Unit, Institute for Technology of Nuclear and Other Mineral Raw Materials (ITNMS), Franše d’Eeperea 86, 390, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, E-mail: Mineralogy Unit, VK MINERAL

mineralization. Mineralogy and Petrology, 108 (1): 111–122.RADOSAVLJEVIĆ, S., STOJANOVIĆ, J., VUKOVIĆ, N.,RADOSAVLJEVIĆ-MIHAJLOVIĆ, A. & KAŠIĆ, V. 2014b.Pb(Ag)-Zn deposits within the Rogozna orefield, Serbia:Ore mineralogy and paragenetic

eplacement Pb-Zn-Ag±Au mineralization in the Kamariza area, Lavrion, Greece: Mineralogy and thermochemical conditions of formation. Mineralogy and Petrology 94: 85–106.VOUDOURIS, P., SPRY, P.G., MAVROGONATOS, C., SAKELLARIS