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(magnesium, groundwater, distribution, Mg/Ca ratio, Serbia)
, sepiolite talc, serpentine, the chlorite group, and magnesium-bearing clayminerals. During chemical weathering magnesium isreleased. Important amounts of magnesium are contained in dolomite and magnesite, and mixtures ofthese

(RANKAMA & SAHAMA 1950)Magnesium is a significant component of most rocksystems and a major constituent of many rock forming minerals (MITTLEFEHLDT 1999; JOVIĆ & JOVANOVIĆ 2004). The chief magnesium-containing mineralsare

1999). In unpolluted shallow groundwater, magnesium concentrations range from 0.1–1.2 to about 50mg/L (COX 1995).In a sedimentation environment, Mg largely occursDistribution of magnesium in groundwater of SerbiaJOVANA MILOSAVLJEVIĆ1