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(hiatus, stratigraphic correlation, eustatic fall, glaciation, Neogene, Ciscaucasian basin, Eastern Paratethys)
until the Karaganian, indicating that thismajor hiatus was a culmination of sedimentation disruption, which embraced 3 regional stages. Despitesome diachroneity of this hiatus, the absolute timerange encompassed was not so

2005; RUBAN 2009). The Tarkhanian hiatus corresponds to the Burdigalian/Langhian boundary of theglobal chronostratigraphic scale (RUBAN 2009; Fig. 4).The second major, but short-term hiatus, which modifies the succession in

by HAQ & ALQAHTANI (2005). Additionally, the noted regional hiatus coincides some inversion of eustatic trends. TheMiddle/Upper Sarmatian (lower Tortonian) hiatus coincides with the onset of a very abrupt and strongeustatic