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representative wells as examples. Thescope and type of background information needed to identify the groundwater level regime are presented andan interpretation approach is proposed for preliminary assessment of the aquifer

theorigin of the BGWS terrain.Characteristic groundwater level regimesRegime 1: This characteristic groundwater level regime is found in conditions where the pumping levelis at a small height above the laterals, which results

levels are not influenced bythe well. Instead, they fluctuate according to riverstage variation.This groundwater level regime is determined bymodest filtration characteristics of the aquifer in thearea of the well. Specifically

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extraction conditions on anumerical model. The first step of the proposed approach is to assess the groundwater level regime formed inthe capture zone when the well is operating, which is indicative of the functional condition

timeand to quantify the effectiveness of regeneration of laterals. Key words: radial collector well, groundwater level regime, skin zone, conductance coefficient.Апстракт: Циљ рада је сагледавање могућности дефинисања хидрауличких

of the groundwater levelregime as a criterion for prioritizing wellrehabilitationAssessment of the groundwater level regime provides needed information, for example, whether thepotential capacity of the well site is modest