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in NE Iran bring new data on the fossil fish record from this country. Two genera from the location are described and figured. The present record is one o f the very few reports o f fossil shark teeth from the Cenozoic of

\GEOLOŠKI ANALI BALKANSKOGA POLUOSTRVAVolume 81 (1), July 2020, 31-40Short note on the first record of fossil shark teeth in the Chehel-Kaman Formation, IranN ic o la e T r i f 1, F a r r o k h G haem i2, J a f a r T a h

h G h a em i, Ja f a r Ta h e r i & M o r te z a Ta h e r p o u r -K h a lil-A badIntroductionThe Cenozoic fossil sharks are poorly known in Iran. Only a few other records from this country are known ( A d n e t et al., 2009;