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eous rocks; 4. Oligocene sediments; 5. crystalline schists; 6. fault structures(a. Tupale fault zone; b. Banjska River fault zone); 7. drainage zone; 8. rechargezone; and 9. surface water divide.and/or Tertiary unconsolidated

that the fractured-karst aquifer inMesozoic carbonate rocks is situated on the fringe ofthe deep fault zone. Thethe fault zone appears to runHydrogeologic structures in two Serbian spa towns – Sijarinska banja and Selters banja

which is below a depth of 1.5 km at Sijarinska Banja and below 1.3 km at Selters Banja.Key words: spread, fault zone, distance of recharge zone, depth, hydrodynamic zoning, mineral water. Апстракт. Циљ овог рада био је да