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(subgeothermal, groundwater, heat pump, energy efficiency, eastern Serbia)
energetic utilization of subgeothermal water resources: eastern Serbia case study 137Table 2. Available subgeothermal resources and calculated heat power in the Eastern Serbia.* = Temperature of groundwater resources: 10–30°CTable

korice - naslov.qxpProspects for wider energetic utilization of subgeothermal waterresources: eastern Serbia case studyZORAN STEVANOVIĆ1, ALEKSANDAR SALJNIKOV2, DEJAN MILENIĆ1, †MIĆA MARTINOVIĆ1,DARKO GORIČANEC3, MIRKO KOMATINA2

and easy replenished groundwater sources withtemperatures of 10–30ºC. The hydrogeological conditions in eastern Serbia are particularly favourable for exploitation of subgeothermal resources due to rich aquifer systems and

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(jurassic, north-eastern Serbia, north-western Bulgaria, correlations, lithostratigraphic units)
palaeohorst on the southernboard of the Mihaylovgrad palaeograben are described. Key words: Jurassic, north-eastern Serbia, north-western Bulgaria, correlations, lithostratigraphic units. Апстракт. Приказана је корелација јурских

PoliticalBoundaries”) will be satisfied.The Jurassic sediments within the framework of thestudy area of eastern Serbia and western Bulgaria enterthe following large palaeogeographic units (TCHOUMATCHENCO et al. 2006a, 2008)

Sciences: “Trans-border stratigraphic correlations of the western Stara Planina Mts. in western Bulgariaand eastern Serbia”. The research was also supported by theMinistry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia,Project