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(magnesium, groundwater, distribution, Mg/Ca ratio, Serbia)
maps ofmagnesium distribution in groundwater of Serbia. Thedata were statistically processed and graphically interpreted using statistical software IBM SPSS v.19. Thehydrochemical maps of magnesium distribution ingroundwater

minerals that contain Mg. Magnesium concentrations in groundwater of Serbia vary over a wide range and their distribution is not uniform, but certain laws ofnature do apply. The variation in the concentrations of this ion depends

the makeup is much more complex than that of the Carpatho-Balkanides.Key words: magnesium, groundwater, distribution, Mg/Ca ratio, Serbia.Апстракт. Магнезијум је земноалкални метал, веома заступљен у животној средини и г

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chemical analyses, based on which GIS heavy-metal distribution maps were generated. The distribution of Cr, Ni, Cu and Zn is discussed on the paper.Key words: heavy metals, distribution, sampling, Al Zintan, Libya.Апстракт. У свету

copper (ppm).The distribution of the heavy metals in the studiedparts of the city is very important because of thepotential toxic effect.The layouts show the distribution of the heavy metals and the distribution of pollution

31Fig. 1. Basis for displaying the distribution of measured elements.Distribution of the tested elements in thestudy areaThe concentrations of the tested heavy metals andtheir distribution and environmental impact were determined

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(involutina farinacciae, marker, Middle Liassic, distribution, Budva Basin, Scutari-Peć, lineament)
Montenegro–Albania border area (theScutari–Peć lineament).Geographic distribution andbiostratigraphyI. farinacciae is the species of very large geographic distribution. In addition to the mentioned areas, itis reported from Iraqi

to NW, into NE) of the Complex Mirdita Zone.Key words: Involutina farinacciae, marker, Middle Liassic, distribution, Budva Basin, Scutari–Peć lineament.Апстракт. Приказани су наласци врсте Involutina farinacciae BRONNIMANN-KOEHN

area, through the middle part of the Liassic stratigraphic column (RADOIČIĆ 1987). No finer stratigraphic distribution can be given at present. In addition to information about the Liassic sequences in which I. farinacciae