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(conodonts, correlation, Devonian, Serbia, Siberia)
and toimplement the inter-regional and global correlation ofstrata. The Devonian subdivisions of southern Siberiaand eastern Serbia can serve as an example of such correlation (RODYGIN 2014).MethodsTen years ago during geological

and eastern SerbiaSERGEI A. RODYGIN1Abstract. Conodonts are very precise tools for global stratigraphic correlation of Devonian deposits. Theycan be correlated at the level of standard conodont zones even for basins having

gigas (rhenana) – linguiformis, crepida, expansa and praesulcata were established.Key words: conodonts, correlation, Devonian, Serbia, Siberia.Апстракт: Конодонти су веома значајни за глобалну стратиграфску корелацију девонских

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(east Serbia, west Bulgaria, morpho-tectonic structures, correlation, synonyms)
2008) with the aimof demonstrating their positions in the sections andthe possibilities of their correlation. Later this correlation became the subject of a bilateral project betweenthe Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Project leader

1986), etc., alsoproposed their explanations about the correlation ofthe west Bulgarian/east Serbian structures, To explainour ideas for the trans-border correlation (Fig. 1), theTectonical model for the Carpatho-Balkan arch

korice - naslov.qxpIntroductionA collective of Serbian and Bulgarian geologistsstarted a trans-border correlation of the Jurassic sediments in 2005 as an unofficial collaboration, whichlater extended into an official project

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(struganik limestone, western Serbia, petrology, physico-mechanical properties, correlation, rock quality)
Alpine-Carpathian–Dinaridic orogenic system: correlation and evolution of tectonic units. Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 101: 139–183.TUGRUL, A. & ZARIF, I.H. 1999. Correlation of mineralogical and textural characteristics

abrasive resistance.Key words: Struganik limestone, western Serbia, petrology, physico-mechanical properties, correlation,rock quality.Апстракт. Интересовање и примена струганичких кречњака како у екстеријеру, тако и у ентеријерује

thephysical and mechanical properties, different statistical analysis techniques (basic descriptive statistics,correlation, bivariant regression analysis, etc.) wereperformed using the SPSS computer program. All themeasured values

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(hiatus, stratigraphic correlation, eustatic fall, glaciation, Neogene, Ciscaucasian basin, Eastern Paratethys)
al. 2004,2005; POPOV et al. 2006; RUBAN 2009). Correlation ofregional and global stages remains uncertain, however, because of poor biostratigraphic control of the correlation between the Eastern Paratethyan region framework

updated the earlier constraints by HAQ et al. (1987). The correlation ofbasinwide major hiatuses and eustatic fluctuations ispossible on the basis of the correlation between regional and global Neogene stages.We assume that

Paratethys: a Mediterranean-Paratethys correlation. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 95: 285–287.CHUMAKOV, I.S., BYZOVA, S.L. & GANZEY, S.S. 1992b.Geochronology and correlation of the Late Cenozoic ofthe Paratethys

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(Serbia, Western Vardar Zone, Dinarides, ophiolites, metamorphic sole, metabasic rocks, amphibole, PT conditions, correlation)
(a)En-Fs-Wo classification diagram (MORIMOTO et al. 1988)and (b) AlIV vs AlVI diagram (MUKHOPADHYAY, 1991).Correlation of metabasic rocks from metamorphic soles of the Dinaridic and the Western Vardar zone ophiolites 71Table

from18–25 km (Sjenički Ozren and Banjska) over 18–15 km(Tejići) until 12–13 km (Zlatibor). Composition and Correlation of protolithsand tectonic implicationGenerally, the ocean units of the Dinaridic and theWestern Vardar Zone

LREE abundance,TiO2, P2O5 as well as with metabasalts of E-MORBaffinity in WVZ (e.g. Tejići).ConclusionsThe correlation of data collected from the availableliterature related to the metabasic sole rocks developed at the base

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The AR model correlation coefficientswere still high but the simulations were better for dryyears (higher correlation coefficients). Relative to theentire study period, the CR model yielded much higher correlation coefficients

avariety of reasons (KREŠIĆ & STEVANOVIĆ, 2010).Cross-correlation analysis is used to assess the effectof mutually dependent variables at different timesteps. The cross-correlation coefficient for any timestep can be obtained from

precipitation (one wet and one dry year).spring. The correlation was somewhat stronger wheneach year as analyzed separately, especially in the caseof wet years, although the correlation coefficients stillremained below the threshold