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Serbia.Тraces of extraction of copper minerals, malachiteand azurite and early metallurgy at the archaeolog-ical site Rudna Glava date back to five millennia B.C.although exploitation of copper minerals continuedduring the

opening of new andmodern copper mines. One of them, Majdanpek(meaning: Mine at River Pek) is still in active opera-tion with two open pit mines and a flotation tailinglake. The main ore resource is copper, and, to alesser extent

& KOžELj, D. 2002. Morphogenetical types ofporphyry copper mineralization in the Bor metallogeniczone. Proceedings of the Intern. Symp. “Geology andmetallogeny of copper and gold deposits in the Bormetallogenic zone”. RTB

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(olistostrome, copper ore, mineral deposit, ore-clast, olistolith origin)
that indicated the presence of the Novo Okno olistostrome copper deposit.ConclusionsThe copper ore deposit Novo Okno, uncovered atpresent, consists of massive copper sulphide ore andnon-ore clasts (olistoliths from 0.5 to 50

submarine slopes (Extraolistostrome/Intraolistostrome).The Novo Okno copper deposit of olistostrome origin(Bor, eastern Serbia)IVAN ANTONIJEVIĆ1Abstract. The copper deposit Novo Okno, uncovered at present, with non-ore and ore clasts

Olistostrome characteristics of the NovoOkno copper depositContrary to previous interpretations in the mentioned references, this work presents the geology of theNovo Okno copper deposit,mechanism and formationalprocesses of

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(turonian, volcanism, copper deposits, Bor, floor (Cenomanian), roof (Senonian), formation, superposition, deposit age)
Complex;– Origin of the Bor and other copper deposits;– Formational base of the Bor copper-gold deposits;– Novo Okno copper deposit of olistostrome origin; etc.Further treatment of the Bor copper deposits, besides the mentioned

primary massive sulphide copper rocks over the copper bodies(Tilva Roš, Brezanik et al.) clearly indicate stratigraphic relationship and pre-Senonian, Turonian ageof the Bor copper deposits. Copper ore minerals of Bor are

PREDRAG MIJATOVIĆ60The copper deposits of Bor, eastern Serbia: Geology and Origin of the Deposits 61Table 1. Formational model of the Bor copper depositsFig. 1. Krivelj Formation and Veliki Krivelj copper deposit. Map left: 1