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(conodonts, correlation, Devonian, Serbia, Siberia)
shallow-water deposits. But conodonts stillThe role of conodonts in the global stratigraphic correlationon example of southern Siberia (Russia) and eastern SerbiaSERGEI A. RODYGIN1Abstract. Conodonts are very precise tools for

isalmost continuously characterized by conodonts andconfidently comparable with the Standard ConodontZones Scale.DiscussionB. KRSTIĆ and M. SUDAR during 1989–1994 madeefforts on the conodonts study of the Devonian inEastern Serbia

BRANSON et MEHL. These conodonts occur together at the top of the Frasnian, gigas(rhenana) – linguiformis zone (KRSTIĆ & SUDAR,1989). In Devonian of the Kuznetsk Basin marginssimilar complex conodonts was established on the

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(Lower Triassic, Olenekian, conodonts, ostracodes, pyrite framboid, Jadar Block, North-western Serbia)
Unit 1, bedded bioturbated limestones, 70 cmthick only with conodonts;• Unit 2, bedded, sandy, ferruginous ooidal grainstone, 1 m thick, and only with conodonts;• Unit 3, bioturbated micrites 30 cm thick withconodonts;• Unit

someundeterminated fragments of the conodonts (Fig. 3).In the lower part of the presented Krivi Potok section, before the covered part of column, beside ofstratigraphic ranges of determinated conodonts, twoconodont zones can be recognized

investigation and laboratory process have enabled the identification oflowermost Olenekian (lower Smithian) conodonts, ostracodes and pyrite framboids. Two conodont zones areestablished in this region, in ascending order they