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(geodiversity, geoheritage, geoparks, methodological guidelines, assessment, Serbia)
potential geosites, 2) qualitative assessment of potentialgeosites and 3) selection of geosites for quantitativeassessment. The evaluation phase involves two substages: 1) quantitative assessment of selected geosites,and 2) analysis

, 1: 1–10.Methodological guidelines for geoheritage site assessment: a proposal for Serbia 111PEREIRA, P., PEREIRA, D. & ALVES, M.I. 2007. Geomorphosite assessment in Montesinho Natural Park, Portugal.Geographica Helvetica

and episodes of the geological history of theEarth. Intended methodology for qualitative and quantitative assessment is presented, including valuingcriteria and their numerical indicators, which serve as analytical instruments