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(Serbia, Western Vardar Zone, Dinarides, ophiolites, metamorphic sole, metabasic rocks, amphibole, PT conditions, correlation)
there amphibole corresponds to ferroglaucophane and magnesioriebeckite or to zonalNa-amphibole (glaucophane-riebeckite formed at theexpense of older riebeckite), and corundum amphibolites from Bistrica where amphibole is edenite

stream). The amphibole in the first occurrence is classified as crossite according to the classification of LEAKE et al. (1978). MILOVANOVIĆ et al.(1995) considered the mineral assemblage epidote +sodic amphibole + quartz to

data it is not possible toget a real insight into the Bistrica amphibole chemistry. However, an overall impression is that the compositional changes in amphibole are controlled bytemperature while the relatively high AlIV/AlVI