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(stratigraphy, Sarmatian, Plio-Pleistocene, Quaternary, Vinča archaeological site)
within the Sarmatian sediments. Fossil macrofauna in the Sarmatian sediments near the Vinča archaeological site as well as in its vicinity is very rare and it isassumed to belong to the lower part of the Sarmatian(the so-called

consists of MiddleMiocene Sarmatian sediments, which were discovered along the right bank of Danube River and within itsriverbed about 300 m upstream from the archaeological site. These Sarmatian strata give evidence that

and STEVANOVIĆ (1977,1980). They concluded the Lower Sarmatian depositsrepresent the geological background for different typeof Quaternary sediments. Besides Sarmatian strippedand laminated marls and sandstones, sandy li