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(middle Jurassic, radiolarians, Internal Dinarides, Komarani Village, SW Serbia)
this paper is an important contribution to a betMiddle Jurassic radiolarian assemblages from Zlatar Mt.(SW Serbia)NEVENKA DJERIĆ1, NATAŠA GERZINA2 & DRAGAN SIMIĆ3Abstract. Detailed micropalaeontological research of Jurassic

siliceous rocks was performed at the locality Komarani on the eastern flanks of the area of Mt. Zlatar in SW Serbia. According to the determined radiolarian associations, the investigated radiolarites are of Late Bajocian

matrix(could also be a block in the mélange) were alsoobserved in a nearby locality Abeško Brdo (area ofSjenica, SW Serbia). The age of the radiolarites fromthe locality Abeško Brdo is compatible with the age ofthe siliceous sediments

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Stratigraphy of the Krš Gradac section (SW Serbia). Geološkianali Balkanskoga poluostrva, 70: 23–41.RADOVANOVIĆ, Z. 1987. Report on investigations of theDiabase-Chert Formation in SW Serbia (Thematic Geologic Map – Project D2)

associated with MORB-like and within-plate basaltsChert blocks in the ophiolitic mélange of Zlatibor Mt.(SW Serbia) – age and geodynamic implicationsNATAŠA GERZINA1 & NEVENKA DJERIĆ2Abstract. Cherts are quite frequently occurring

the vicinity of Jasenovo village on SEflanks of Zlatibor Mt.Geological settingThe study area is situated in SW Serbia. In a geotectonic sense, it is a part of the Internal Dinarides,geologically extremely complex area composed

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(dasycladales, new taxon, bio-erosion, diagenesis, Upper Cretaceous, Santonian, SW Serbia, Mirdita Zone)
is described from Santonianlimestones of the Mur Formation outcropping in Novi Pazar, Mirdita Zone belt, SW Serbia. The alga, the mainaxis of which bears tightly packed whorls of numerous laterals, resembles the Triassic

the name of Mur1.Key words: Dasycladales, new taxon, bio-erosion, diagenesis, Upper Cretaceous, Santonian, SW Serbia,Mirdita Zone.Абстракт. Нова врста Salpingoporrlla nicolacarrasi описана је из сантонских кречњака Бајевиц