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of the western Neo-Tethys margin after GAWLICK et al. (2016b). A. Middle to Late Triassic passivemargin configuration (compare Fig. 2). Generation of oceanic crust started in the Late Anisian in the Neo-Tethys realm. The formation

studies evidenced that the Grivska Formation was deposited on the continental slope and transitional tothe Neo-Tethys Ocean. Based on the results of these investigations in the type area and several reference sections in the

iolite Belt, the Grivska Formation occurs only as clasts and blocks in the ophiolitic mélange.Key words: Neo-Tethys continental slope, Late Triassic, stratigraphy, microfacies, ophiolitic mélange.Апстракт. Старост, микрофације

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(brachiopods, gastropods, taxonomic diversity, transgression, Early Cretaceous, Lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan, Neo-Tethys Ocean)
dynamics of Early Cretaceous brachiopodsand gastropods in the Azerbaijanian domains of the Lesser Caucasus(Neo-Tethys Ocean)DMITRY A. RUBAN1Abstract. Palaeontological data available from the Azerbaijanian domains (Somkhit-Agdam

brachiopods, gastropods, taxonomic diversity, transgression, Early Cretaceous, LesserCaucasus, Azerbaijan, Neo-Tethys Ocean.Апстракт. Палеонтолошки доступни подаци из Азербејџански домена (Сомкхит-Агдам, СеванКарабаху, и М

Lesser Caucasus was located to the south of the Greater Caucasus and withinthe same tectonic sector of the Neo-Tethys Ocean.The total brachiopod species diversity in theAzerbaijanian domains of the Lesser Caucasus waslower