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(dasycladales, new taxon, bio-erosion, diagenesis, Upper Cretaceous, Santonian, SW Serbia, Mirdita Zone)
belt (in shortNovi Pazar belt, Mirdita Zone, Fig. 1), also called thewestern belt of the Vardar Zone by some authors.Geological settingSample location is in the Novi Pazar–Golija Mt.,Mirdita Zone belt, also called the western

Salpingoporella nicolacarrasi spec. nov., a dasycladalean alga fromSantonian of southwestern Serbia (Novi Pazar, Mirdita Zone)RAJKA RADOIČIĆ1 & MARC ANDRÉ CONRAD2Abstract. A dasycladalean alga, Salpingoporella nicolacarrasi spec.

nov., is described from Santonianlimestones of the Mur Formation outcropping in Novi Pazar, Mirdita Zone belt, SW Serbia. The alga, the mainaxis of which bears tightly packed whorls of numerous laterals, resembles the Triassic