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another characteristic sedimentological feature. The microfacies of thelimestone layers surrounding the slump structuresshow typical radiolarian wackestone microfacies (Fig.8). Very fine-grained turbiditic layers with bi

typically of radiolarian wackestone microfacies with rare filaments (Figs. 7, 8, 9).Emendation of the Grivska Formation in its type area (Dinadiric Ophiolite Belt, SW Serbia) 11Fig. 9. Microfacies characteristics of the Lower Norian

s resemble the microfacies known fromthe Early Norian Massiger Hellkalk of the HallstattFacies Zone, or the Pötschen Limestone of the Meliata Facies Zone (GAWLICK et al., 2016b). Lithology and microfacies combined point to