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(palynomorphs age, ophiolite mélange, Upper Jurassic, Moračka Kapa, Montenegro)
australis is distributed inthe Upper Jurassic and Early Cretaceous in China, inlimited numbers, but it is a characteristic speciesoccurring in great abundance in the Middle Jurassic ofEngland, Sweden and some others countries

slope of Moračka Kapa 41major Jurassic–Cretaceous formations. NORRIS (1969,1973), BATEN (1973), MORGAN (1980) for example,recognized three principal microflora assemblagesclose to the Jurassic–Cretaceous boundary, as follow:The

sequences in theMorača area. Transitional tropical–subtropical climatic belts during Upper Jurassic were concluded.In the Upper Jurassic and Lowermost Cretaceous,in the stil large Tethys, continental flora of the Tethyan phy

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(middle Jurassic, radiolarians, Internal Dinarides, Komarani Village, SW Serbia)
contribution to a betMiddle Jurassic radiolarian assemblages from Zlatar Mt.(SW Serbia)NEVENKA DJERIĆ1, NATAŠA GERZINA2 & DRAGAN SIMIĆ3Abstract. Detailed micropalaeontological research of Jurassic siliceous rocks was performed

Middle Jurassic to EarlyCretaceous radiolarian biochronology of Tethys based onUnitary Associations. In: BAUMGARTNER, P.O., O’DOGHERTY, L., GORIČAN, Š., URQUHART, E., PILLEVUIT, A. &DE WEVER, P. (eds.), Middle Jurassic to Lower

западних Карпата (RAKUŠ & OŽVOLDOVA 1999).Middle Jurassic radiolarian assemblages from Zlatar Mt. (SW Serbia) 123NEVENKA DJERIĆ, NATAŠA GERZINA & DRAGAN SIMIĆ124PLATE 1Middle Jurassic radiolarians from the Komarani locality.Scale

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Triassic, Middle Jurassic and Late Cretaceous.Early Jurassic ages have not been proven in the Internal Dinarides in Serbia, while Upper Jurassic ageshave been questioned recently.Both Triassic and Jurassic radiolarians occur

Neotethyan oceanic crust. However, a clear association of Jurassic cherts with MOR basalts has notbeen proven yet in the territory of Serbia. Radiolariancherts of Jurassic age, which represent the uppermostpart of the obducted

Middle Jurassic to Early Cretaceousradiolarian biochronology of Tethys based on UnitaryAssociations. In: BAUMGARTNER, P.O., O’DOGHERTY, L.,GORIČAN, Š., URQUHART, E., PILLEVUIT, A. & DE WEVER,P. (Eds.), Middle Jurassic to lower

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(jurassic, north-eastern Serbia, north-western Bulgaria, correlations, lithostratigraphic units)
Bulgaria) correlationsof the Jurassic lithostratigraphic unitsPLATON TCHOUMATCHENCO1, DRAGOMAN RABRENOVIĆ2, VLADAN RADULOVIĆ3,NENAD MALEŠEVIĆ2 & BARBARA RADULOVIĆ3Abstract. Herein, correlations of the Jurassic sediments from NE Serbia

Štubik. Very important for the Infra-Getic are the Late Jurassic volcano–sedimentarydeposits of the Vratarnica Series, which crop out near Vratarnica Village. The Jurassic Moesian platform wasstudied in the sections near D. Milanovac

on the Vidin palaeohorststarted during different parts of the Middle Jurassic, and in the Mihaylovgrad palaeograben during theHettangian (Lower Jurassic) where the sediments were deposited in relatively deeper water conditions